New Wave

Biological waving liquid

The waving liquid WAVE SOFT does not contain thioglycolic acid, nor salts derived from it. Thanks to its contained properties, it allows you to change the structure of the hair, leaving it shiny and fluffy. It does not leave bad smells. The waving liquid adapts to every technical need of the hairdresser. METHOD OF USE: Wash the hair with a BIOSHINE shampoo. On damp hair, apply the curlers according to the mounting methods. Apply the waving liquid all over the hair and leave on according to the type of hair and proceed with fixing. APPROXIMATE APPLICATION TIMES: For difficult and normal hair 20/30 minutes, check approximately every 10 minutes. WAVE SOFT For 10/15 minutes treated hair, check every 5 minutes. Under a heat source, reduce the installation times appropriately.

250 ml bottle.