Antifrizz Fluid K2H


Long-lasting smoothing anti-frizz for natural, curly and damaged hair with keratin and vitamin E

Anti-frizz smoothing cream with Keratin and Vitamin E, it is suitable for all types of hair, even those already treated.
How to use: Apply the mask on washed hair, use the specific chelating shampoo (alkaline) K1 Intensive to wash it twice; dab the excess water with a towel, apply the K2h mask all over the hair, distribute it evenly between lengths and ends. Leave on for about 15 minutes. At the end of the exposure time, rinse the hair slightly and proceed with the styling with the help of the K3 anti-frizz cream and the hairdryer. After the styling, pass the straightener over the entire hair with normal strands. The use of the plate at the end serves to better fix the active ingredient on the hair.

Format: 175 ml bottle.