Shampoo K1


for natural, frizzy hair treated with keratin and vitamin E

K1 Cleansing treatment, essential for frizzy, treated and damaged hair. Prepare your hair for Mask K2 treatment. Thanks to keratin and vitamin E, it regenerates, strengthens and creates a protective sheath on the hair shaft, thus defending it from external aggressions (both physical and chemical). It gives the hair excellent combability, elasticity and high hydration and shine. It can be used on natural, curly, frizzy and treated hair (chemically with oxidation dyes).
HOW TO USE: On wet scalp and hair, distribute the necessary amount of Treatment shampoo, massage gently until a light foam is obtained; rinse and repeat the operation. Leave the product to act for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Format: 250 ml bottle. and 15 ml sachet.